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Brabus Style Hood Trim Side Covers

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  • Item number 90001-1
  • Chassis Number W463
  • Model G550 G55 AMG G63 AMG
  • Year 1998 - 2017
  • Material
  • DescriptionG-Wagon Brabus Widestar Style Fiberglass Hood Trim Side Covers for Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463 G55 G63 G65
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Revitalize your Mercedes-Benz G-Class with our Brabus Style Hood Trim Side Covers, meticulously designed for G550, G55 AMG, and G63 AMG models from 1998-2017. Tailored for the W463 chassis, these hood trim side covers, available in both sleek Carbon Fiber and sturdy Fiberglass, not only elevate the visual appeal of your G-Wagon but also introduce a bold, sporty demeanor with the iconic Brabus style. Perfect for enthusiasts who seek a blend of luxury and dynamic aesthetics, these hood trim side covers are a pivotal upgrade for any G-Class lover. Explore GWAGONBUILD for a personalized configuration experience and elevate your luxury SUV with a dash of Brabus style, seamlessly merging bold design and premium craftsmanship


FITMENT: Mercedes-Benz G-class G550 G500 G55 G63 G65 W463 1990-2017

MATERIAL: Fiberglass/Carbon fiber

COLOR: Fiberglass – primed, unpainted



IMPORTANT! These Hood Trim Side Covers replace vehicle’s factory turn signals


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